Professor Francesca Melillo - Entrepreneurship KU Leuven

Professor Melillo - Entrepreneurship KU Leuven

I consider Jeroen in the top 5% of students I have taught in my career. He has strong analytical skills and is highly ambitious and determined. On a personal level, Jeroen is a delightful student to have around. He exhibits an extremely positive attitude towards fruitfully interaction not only with students, but also with professors and the colleagues in the start-up where he did his internship.

Clara Geerts

Clara Geerts - YouTube Specialist Google

I've had the pleasure to work very closely with Jeroen and found his work style efficient and very strategic. He's talents vary from excellent stakeholder management to thought leadership and I would very much recommend him as a colleague! I truly enjoyed working with him.


Lina Hansson - Conversion Specialist Google

Jeroen was apart from this a joy to work with, always being quick to reply, wanting to fine-tune details that were suggested, being friendly and cooperative even when the timeline was stressed, and trying to help in the advanced internal legal processes to get the project live. The CRO Course: Win on Mobile would not be live without Jeroen, and I’m highly grateful for having his help during the project. He used technical knowledge, aesthetically skills and coding to raise the content to the level of excellence.